Offering a premium and scalable grading service for those with in-house post facilities

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* Access top Soho talent from anywhere for less cost
* Now Conform, Grade, Finish & Deliver in-house
* Keep your creative teams happy
* Efficient and flexible workflow – grade before edit lock
* Only pay for the grade – by the half hour
* Premium finish from leading Soho Colourists
* Workflow and calibration support
* Increase your client’s satisfaction

It’s always been necessary for our clients to travel to see us for our colour-critical work. This has now changed. With the very affordable Resolve grading software, which is so popular with production companies and agencies who do some of their editing and grading in-house, we can now connect to any Resolve system in the world and do the grading for you – it’s just like having an automatic grading tool but with incredible results.
A lot of production companies either use their in-house editors or a freelance colourist on a day rate, but most production companies, agencies, directors and cinematographers would like to use named, world-leading colourists for added quality and client/brand satisfaction, and access them by the hour.
The Look works across every genre, from commercials to promos, corporate to brand films, drama and feature films, documentary and music concerts, and lots more. No other facility understands the broad range of genres and how to manage each through to grading perfection.


Black Magic’s Resolve grading system is the most popular grading system in the world.  It’s available to purchase for around £550.00 plus local taxes. You edit your project at full HD or 2k in any software you wish, then export an HD Quicktime or Avid movie file into Resolve. You can load an XML or EDL and insert the edit markers, then send us the Resolve project and upload the movie file to us (so we have the media locally as well). At that point, you connect to our Resolve system, we connect to you on Skype via a laptop, and, as we make changes at our end, you see them update in realtime on your screen – wherever you are in the world, with zero delay – its just like a normal grading session. At the end of the grade, the colour settings are in both locations, so you can disconnect and export the graded version from Resolve, and, if the edit changes later, we can show you how to re-apply the grades yourself. We can also help with monitor calibration and workflow improvements.

Maximum productivity, minimal effort, greatly reduced costs – and you still get the best possible visual results for your project.


“Here’s why I like the remote grading option at The Look.  Being based in Bristol means it can be a pain to come in to London for the grade.  Here’s why it works for us: Better quality less hassle, No need to book a freelancer, we can make the budget work on all our projects, there are no other charges, no need to move off your kit, the grade can be changed at the last minute in-house. What we really love is doing a test grade initially and pushing more creative looks to show the client.  We then do the full grade nearer the end, with a final grade at client lock. If things do change you can apply the grade yourself!  For me its Quality x Time x Convenience.  Finally, the option of a top colourist supervising, but a junior grading or the senior colourist for the whole job, I love that.  As a client you choose the workflow and The Look adapt to it“ Matt Golding, Director, Rubber Republic

“As a production company there are a huge list of benefits to remote grading with The Look. Cost (obviously), efficiency of work flow (being able to connect up at the click of the button from the workstation you’ve just finished the edit on), added production value (we can get grades done on projects we would not have bothered on previously), Quality (despite Da Vinci being fairly ubiquitous, the results we get through remote grading are so much better than in-house), finally ease (it’s really easy!).  It also sounds a bit inconsequential, but it’s also just quite cool. Connecting remotely to a Soho facility is pretty nifty. We once coincidentally had the client in and they were very impressed. ‘Oh, just connecting up to the grading chaps – no big deal!”” Adam Ruddick, Producer, Casual Films

When first approached about remote grading, I was extremely sceptical: ‘Grading by Remote Control???? That’s not what I’m used to!’ Three months on and Im now converted. It is as good as having the colourist in the room-because, in effect, they are there. Any question the producer and I may ask, is dealt with, any problem talked through. The end result is as I would want it.”  Josephine Ward, Executive Producer, BBC Drama

I am across technology so understood the concept of remote access and the control of such. We were able to grade each session using the Resolve in London to update the images we watched in Manchester in real time, whilst chatting to the colourist via a Skype webcam setup, so subtle changes could be explained and the results immediately seen. I think this system has many advantages in that where clients are not necessarily based in the locale of the post house, they are able to still work at the highest possible quality in a different part of the country. I did not find it caused any issues and would recommend it to anyone needing the ability to grade” Len Gowing, Director of Photography

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